Monday, June 15, 2009


a definition of clumsy i found was unhandy. i like that. describes me today. everything that entered my hands today, also was on the floor at some point or another. including my food. all over the breakroom floor. it was great. i'm not sure what my deal was. but everyone at work knew it. how could they not? things falling everywhere. i guess it makes sense that they were concerned when i was climbing to the top shelves to do inventory. i'm a climber, what can i say... i like to climb. so naturally i would do all those top shelves without the ladder. it was easier to just climb, what can i say.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

my bff

i have seen matt like every weekend for the past over a month
it has been wonderful.
being as he is jobless, and i only have weekends free...
it works out.
he's been here since saturday, and just hasn't left it.
oh, and we bought a dartboard.
i think it was about time.
it's been fun.
real fun.
i like him, i think it's safe to say... i'll keep him around.
end of story.

i wouldn't want to do anything else on my weekends.
so it works out.
makes me smile.

work is life

i don't do much besides work. kind of like during school, i don't do much besides school. but like school, i enjoy work. and for that, i feel entirely blessed. blessed beyond measure, as my dad would say.

i have a great work ethic. i work hard, give it my all, take the initiative, find the quickest way to do things, i'm efficient, and i do it all with a smile. i say these things not to brag, but to thank my dad for paving the way for me. it's one of those things you can't just teach your kids. you need to show by example.

and tonight what i realized, is my work ethic is paying off. not that i need to get noticed, or that i'm only doing my best so that i can be rewarded, because i should give it my all even if no one knew it... but we are always running out of parts. this is a bad thing, as when we run out of parts, we can no longer make part kits, which is my primary job. but this never happened before i started working there... and they started to realize that we are pushing out way more product now than ever before. so in that sense, it's a good thing that we're running out of product... because it means we are making more product faster than ever before. so being as i can't be doing what i usually do (due to lack of parts), i am moving up in the world. taking over new jobs and responsibilities. two new guys are starting this week and i was told that i will be helping to train them in, and was also told that now i am second in command in my area. so whenever 1st in command is gone, i am in charge.

stan is 1st in command in my department. he's a bit creepy and weird, but overall i guess he's a good guy. he's always tells me how amazed he is how quick i pick things up. i don't think that's something i could have learned, i just pick things up quickly, which has helped out a lot in this job. he's also very impressed at how much i love learning how to do new things and i do it willingly. now, honestly, one of the reasons i love learning new things is because i don't exactly enjoy making part kits. but he said that most people are a drag to teach new things... but he enjoys teaching me because i enjoy it and learn quick. he's said multiple times that he's concerned that they won't need him around anymore because i am learning everything he even knows how to do... he's never really serious, about the concerned part, but nontheless, it's nice to hear.

i feel like i'm gloating a lot in this post. but none of it is meant to be boastful. more of, i'm just joyful that the job is working out so well. and that i love it. and that my hard work is paying off.

also, i love being one of the only women working there... there is only one other woman. she is actually bisexual. i think she is the first openly bisexual person i have been friends with. she is pretty tight. i'm glad i know her, because i think even though i try extremely hard not to stereotype people, it's hard not to at least a little bit unless you know someone like that. because they really are just normal people. anyways... i love working with all guys. being one of the only girls, the guys treat you different. in a good way. i definately got closer to everyone a lot quicker because i am a woman. i realized this when a new guy started working and it was a lot different with him. eveyone jokes around with me a lot more, and everyone is always looking out for me. i think in the past i would not have liked that... i would have wanted them to see me as tough and that i can handle things on my own... but i enjoy that they look out for me. makes me feel special. makes me feel more like a woman, which is nice... being as i have had the 'tomboy' mentality growing up.