Friday, September 26, 2008

cold hard fact

You know sometimes when you don't want to believe something you test it over and over again just to make sure it is true... well that just seems to be the circumstance in this case. Only no matter how many times I test it... it's still true.

I am allergic to spaghetti sauce. It's not a lie. I finally accepted that fact about a month ago and then tonight I went over to the girls' house and they had spaghetti so naturally I thought to myself, 'oh if i just have a little it will be no big deal'. nope. I was wrong. I had the littlest bit of sause and man do i regret it. I get so sick. I feel disgusting.

Alfredo sause on the other hand, I am fine with. I mean, they are totally different, but an observation nonetheless. But it's okay with me, because I like alfredo sause better-- and maybe it's just because it doesn't make me sick, who knows. But it is also about three times more expensive, which is entirely unfortunate. Because prior to this unfortunate realization, I had enjoyed buying pasta because it was cheap. Oh well.

I was looking over the ingredients of the sauce tonight and couldn't find anything that it could be. It was just like soy oil and dehydrated onions and stuff like that... citric acid is in it, which it could be, because i'm allergic to all the acids in most juices, but i get totally different reactions to both of them, so I didn't think that would be it... but the only other thing is tomato paste. But I'm not allergic to tomatoes. Maybe it's something about how they're processed. who knows.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sleep and the lack there-of

sometimes i forget to sleep.
it is never a problem at night.
but the problem comes in the morning.
when i wish i would have gone to sleep earlier.
but the suffering in the morning...
it never changes my actions at night.

i think it happens because i am so busy.
that late at night is the only time i have for me.
and i enjoy my me-time.
that i just want more of it.
and therefore i end up staying up late.
way past my bed time.
because tomorrow i must rise bright and shiny early.
just like always.
always do i wake up early.
and always once that time arrives
i wish i had gone to sleep earlier.
that alarm
that dang alarm.
it's the death of me.
i wish it would just shut up.
i wish it wouldn't remind me i have to come back to reality.
rarely are my dreams better than reality.
but i enjoy the fact that i can sleep through them.
i can't just sleep through real life.
although i often wish i could.
but tomorrow i must rise.
and attend classes and be happy about it.
for it's not worth it if it doesn't happen with joy.

but joy is hard when on no sleep.
everything is hard when on no sleep.

i should sleep more.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bikes, breathing, and barcodes

BIKES: So today I wanted to go for a bike ride but my bike is at my parents house and that's really far away from where I am, so I didn't know what to do. Thus, I went out and purchased a bike... so there may have been more thought to it than that, but oh well. It's green and pretty sweet. Being as it's a sweet bike, I figured I'd be able to do sweet things with it... haha. That is not necessarily the case. I went over to the gardens and down some stairs... I've never been down stairs on a bike before... maybe I should have put some thought into it before I dove right into it. Oh well... no harm done... I mean, not too much harm done...

BREATHING: My breathing has gotten a lot worse lately. It's pretty frustrating. I would think that Grave's is coming back, but I don't have any other symptoms coming back, which is good, I'd suppose. So yeah... it's frustrating.

BARCODES: I really just wanted another word that started with "B". Barcodes was the first word to come to mind, and it works out, because barcodes fascinate me. I mean... are ALL barcodes different? Don't they have to be? But they are just a sequence of lines... how could there possibly be millions upon millions of barcodes out there and not one of them the same? I'm baffled. It blows my mind.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

it's not everyday

results are in.
i don't know what to think.
but i know i'm not crying.
like matty said... it's not everyday you're told you don't have cancer.
it's a good day.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Lice: and the presence thereof

So tonight was not what was expected. I was planning on hanging out with Haley then going to CRU.
I was pretty excited, as I didn't have AT today and could just do whatever I wanted.
On my way to Haley's, I got a call saying I wasn't allowed to come into their house due to the fact that people I live with had lice.
I guess this makes sense, as I found out around fifty, yes 50, of my friends already had it.
It's just gross if you ask me.
Lice is supposed to be for third graders and that's it.
Not adults.
That's just embarrassing.
So I go back to my apartment and we get a major cleaning session on... as all of us are believed at this point to have it.
Oh man did we deep clean if I have ever experienced a deep clean!
We rented a Rug-Doctor thing to completely clean all of the couches/chairs/etc, along with all the carpet and beds.
We high-heat washed all of our clothes and bagged everything else that wasn't washed.
That stuff will stay in air-tight bags for around one week.
Then it was time to clean ourselves.
All of us had purchased the all-too-expensive lice-be-gone type kits and put them into action.
The process was very similar to dying ones hair.
You need to put it in and let it soak in for awhile and then scrub real hard.
Then came the testing stage... go through everyones hair strand by strand to make sure you got it all.
DONE! We nailed it.
All of us are lice free.
And we plan on staying that way.
Thankfully while we were deep cleaning out apartment Heather's mom graciously came and took all of our clothes and bedding to a laudrymat.
That made things go quicker, as it already took around 5 or 6 hours to deep clean everything.
And then we came to Heather's parent's house, as they conveniently live in Rice to sleep for the night. Being as all our beds are wet from the cleaning and we wanted to leave for awhile as some of the lice-be-gone stuff has stuff that most people are highly allergic to.
So they were also gracious enough to put us up for the night.
All this because we think we all had lice.
We just wanted to be cautious.
You know... we weren't planning on being the people who two weeks later finds out that we had it all along and now it's way bad.
Now we just hope that all of our friends took as many precautions as we did. Because if they give it to us again...
Man, oh man.
I thought I was upset this time...
I was only upset at the beginning, really.
Now I realized that it was a great roommate bonding time.
But sleep is essential.
The evening was very long.