Tuesday, September 09, 2008

bikes, breathing, and barcodes

BIKES: So today I wanted to go for a bike ride but my bike is at my parents house and that's really far away from where I am, so I didn't know what to do. Thus, I went out and purchased a bike... so there may have been more thought to it than that, but oh well. It's green and pretty sweet. Being as it's a sweet bike, I figured I'd be able to do sweet things with it... haha. That is not necessarily the case. I went over to the gardens and down some stairs... I've never been down stairs on a bike before... maybe I should have put some thought into it before I dove right into it. Oh well... no harm done... I mean, not too much harm done...

BREATHING: My breathing has gotten a lot worse lately. It's pretty frustrating. I would think that Grave's is coming back, but I don't have any other symptoms coming back, which is good, I'd suppose. So yeah... it's frustrating.

BARCODES: I really just wanted another word that started with "B". Barcodes was the first word to come to mind, and it works out, because barcodes fascinate me. I mean... are ALL barcodes different? Don't they have to be? But they are just a sequence of lines... how could there possibly be millions upon millions of barcodes out there and not one of them the same? I'm baffled. It blows my mind.

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starsandsnowflakes said...

BEAUTIFUL: I love you and your beautiful smile and face and, well, soul too, I suppose. And, I miss all these things as well.

BRACES: I had braces as a kid... did you? My Orthodontist was really nice, and he always made jokes. Maybe the jokes were supposed to help take away the annoyance of getting my teeth yanked around my mouth. They didn't.

BASEBALL: I just don't know about those Twins. I would still be a fan, even if they sucked. So, I wish they would have sucked all season, instead of sitting 1/2 game back the whole time, then sucking it up at the end.

i love you.