Wednesday, September 24, 2008

sleep and the lack there-of

sometimes i forget to sleep.
it is never a problem at night.
but the problem comes in the morning.
when i wish i would have gone to sleep earlier.
but the suffering in the morning...
it never changes my actions at night.

i think it happens because i am so busy.
that late at night is the only time i have for me.
and i enjoy my me-time.
that i just want more of it.
and therefore i end up staying up late.
way past my bed time.
because tomorrow i must rise bright and shiny early.
just like always.
always do i wake up early.
and always once that time arrives
i wish i had gone to sleep earlier.
that alarm
that dang alarm.
it's the death of me.
i wish it would just shut up.
i wish it wouldn't remind me i have to come back to reality.
rarely are my dreams better than reality.
but i enjoy the fact that i can sleep through them.
i can't just sleep through real life.
although i often wish i could.
but tomorrow i must rise.
and attend classes and be happy about it.
for it's not worth it if it doesn't happen with joy.

but joy is hard when on no sleep.
everything is hard when on no sleep.

i should sleep more.

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