Friday, September 26, 2008

cold hard fact

You know sometimes when you don't want to believe something you test it over and over again just to make sure it is true... well that just seems to be the circumstance in this case. Only no matter how many times I test it... it's still true.

I am allergic to spaghetti sauce. It's not a lie. I finally accepted that fact about a month ago and then tonight I went over to the girls' house and they had spaghetti so naturally I thought to myself, 'oh if i just have a little it will be no big deal'. nope. I was wrong. I had the littlest bit of sause and man do i regret it. I get so sick. I feel disgusting.

Alfredo sause on the other hand, I am fine with. I mean, they are totally different, but an observation nonetheless. But it's okay with me, because I like alfredo sause better-- and maybe it's just because it doesn't make me sick, who knows. But it is also about three times more expensive, which is entirely unfortunate. Because prior to this unfortunate realization, I had enjoyed buying pasta because it was cheap. Oh well.

I was looking over the ingredients of the sauce tonight and couldn't find anything that it could be. It was just like soy oil and dehydrated onions and stuff like that... citric acid is in it, which it could be, because i'm allergic to all the acids in most juices, but i get totally different reactions to both of them, so I didn't think that would be it... but the only other thing is tomato paste. But I'm not allergic to tomatoes. Maybe it's something about how they're processed. who knows.

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