Sunday, August 09, 2009

my room has never been messier than it is right now.

and it all started by me being too lazy to put away my laundry one night.

then turned into bills i could not put away because i didn't want to pay them.

then various letters from doctors and attorneys i didn't think i should throw away but haven't "put" them away yet.

then i'm not sure where the dishes came from... i'm never at home to eat, so they must not be mine...

all that to say, school as started, once again, and my life as i know it has ended. i like it better this way though. i love not having to deal with life. school all day every day and now i go to work all night... makes life so much easier to deal with. or, not deal with. one of the two. either way, as much as it seems i hate that i'm so busy due to school, there is a lot in me that loves it... i wouldn't be doing it if i didn't.

last note: i'm watching The Rock. i have not watched it in a long time.
side note to the last night: nicholas cage is really not a stellar actor... and on the flip side, sean connor is pretty much da bomb when it comes to acting.