Tuesday, December 16, 2008

passion and perspective

I was told that two things you should never lose, above all, are passion and perspective. This is something I've been meaning to look into, but unfortunately my schedule has not warranted it. I've thought about it quite a bit, however, and it seems to be legit. But I figured that if I post about it like this, I'll be more likely to remember and look into it sooner... almost just to justify to myself that it is a true statement... because I feel like those two characteristics cover over almost everything else. I mean, if you have the correct perspective on things, that in and of itself is a huge battle. Once you see things clearly, and situations come to make sense [at least as much sense as God warrents... as He is all-knowing and we are not], there is not much else you need. Once you realize that God is sovereign in all circumstances [thus gaining perspective], there should be no more fear, no more worry, no more impatience, ect... and from that, even joy can be stemmed... because there is joy in knowing the sovereignty of God. So many things follow after you gain a correct perspective on things.
And then there is passion. I suppose you could say that somehow passion could be stemmed from perspective as well... but I like that it was also stated as a necessity. At least it is something that I've definately found to be true... passion is a must. Once you lose passion... you lose everything. If that desire for God is gone, it is incredibly hard to continue pursuing Him. Possible? of course... we aren't going to always FEEL like pursuing God. But I think passion pushes past feelings. It is a desire that comes from deep within us...

Okay so I wasn't going to rant about this tonight, but I guess it happened anyways. I have absolutely nothing to back me up, these are just the ramblings thoughts rolling around in my head. [as i read back through the post i realize that it is clear that i am very lethargic and my thoughts do not connect... oh well]

And at this point in time, I just wish that it wasn't so unbelievably hot in here so maybe I'd at least have a chance at breathing.

Monday, December 08, 2008

thanks friend ryan.

this is my friend ryan schoepf.
he taught me how to snowboard.
teaching someone takes patience.
thank you, friend ryan.

side note: and he is engaged to one amazing girl. props.

Monday, December 01, 2008

the things we do

10 Things You Could Say to 10 Different People:

1) Be my portion, forever.
2) Sleeping under the stars with you are some of my fondest memories.
3) Your kids are beautiful -- and they get it from you.
4) You're one friend I never want to lose, no matter what... but unfortunately, it'll probably happen.
5) For you, I will.
6) I wonder what it would be like if we were still friends.
7) I wish with everything in me that you didn't live so far away.
8) So many times I wish I never knew you... but once in awhile I remember a good time, and smile.
9) Most of my Batman things came from you, thank you.
10) I pray all the time that your lungs will heal.

9 Things About Yourself:

1) I care more than I show.
2) I'll never tell you that I love you if it's not true.
3) I don't trust easily.
4) I'm in pain most of the time.
5) I'll always dress how I want.
6) I sleep with a fan on, every night.
7) I have a pharmacy in my room -- you need it, I have it.
8) I wake up every morning wishing I had gone to sleep earlier.
9) I am batman.

8 Ways to Win My Heart:

1) Make me laugh.
2) Do something stupid, and mean it.
3) Be broken.
4) Read between the lines.
5) Sing.
6) Be vulnerable.
7) Listen.
8) Be patient.

7 Things That Cross my Mind A lot:

1) I wish I was sleeping.
2) I'd be able to see better if my glasses were clean.
3) Background music to my life would be nice.
4) I don't think the proff would mind if I just took a short nap...
5) Gross, my toe nails are not painted.
6) Can I afford it? Nope.
7) Certain friends.

6 Things I Have to do Before I Die:

1) Snowboard on power-puff mountains.
2) Never regret.
3) Always say what's on my mind.
4) Love.
5) Allow myself to be loved.
6) Worship without hesitation.

5 People Who Mean A Lot to You at The Moment:

1) Matthew Louis
2) Hannah Christene
3) Emily Grace
4) Ansley Blaire
5) Toni Charlene

4 Things You Can See Right Now:

1) A few pictures of my beautiful friends.
2) Batman towel.
3) Picture of Jeff Gordon, number 24.
4) My computer screen.

3 Bands You Listen to Often:

1) Hedley
2) Just Surrender
3) Waking Ashland

2 Things You do Before Bed:

1) Turn off the computer and lights.
2) Turn on the fan.

1 Confession:

1) Sometimes I think I care too much.