Sunday, August 09, 2009

my room has never been messier than it is right now.

and it all started by me being too lazy to put away my laundry one night.

then turned into bills i could not put away because i didn't want to pay them.

then various letters from doctors and attorneys i didn't think i should throw away but haven't "put" them away yet.

then i'm not sure where the dishes came from... i'm never at home to eat, so they must not be mine...

all that to say, school as started, once again, and my life as i know it has ended. i like it better this way though. i love not having to deal with life. school all day every day and now i go to work all night... makes life so much easier to deal with. or, not deal with. one of the two. either way, as much as it seems i hate that i'm so busy due to school, there is a lot in me that loves it... i wouldn't be doing it if i didn't.

last note: i'm watching The Rock. i have not watched it in a long time.
side note to the last night: nicholas cage is really not a stellar actor... and on the flip side, sean connor is pretty much da bomb when it comes to acting.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I can watch this over and over.

1. I love piano music.
2. this man is phenominal at the piano
3. it's unique.
4. I like it.

Monday, June 15, 2009


a definition of clumsy i found was unhandy. i like that. describes me today. everything that entered my hands today, also was on the floor at some point or another. including my food. all over the breakroom floor. it was great. i'm not sure what my deal was. but everyone at work knew it. how could they not? things falling everywhere. i guess it makes sense that they were concerned when i was climbing to the top shelves to do inventory. i'm a climber, what can i say... i like to climb. so naturally i would do all those top shelves without the ladder. it was easier to just climb, what can i say.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

my bff

i have seen matt like every weekend for the past over a month
it has been wonderful.
being as he is jobless, and i only have weekends free...
it works out.
he's been here since saturday, and just hasn't left it.
oh, and we bought a dartboard.
i think it was about time.
it's been fun.
real fun.
i like him, i think it's safe to say... i'll keep him around.
end of story.

i wouldn't want to do anything else on my weekends.
so it works out.
makes me smile.

work is life

i don't do much besides work. kind of like during school, i don't do much besides school. but like school, i enjoy work. and for that, i feel entirely blessed. blessed beyond measure, as my dad would say.

i have a great work ethic. i work hard, give it my all, take the initiative, find the quickest way to do things, i'm efficient, and i do it all with a smile. i say these things not to brag, but to thank my dad for paving the way for me. it's one of those things you can't just teach your kids. you need to show by example.

and tonight what i realized, is my work ethic is paying off. not that i need to get noticed, or that i'm only doing my best so that i can be rewarded, because i should give it my all even if no one knew it... but we are always running out of parts. this is a bad thing, as when we run out of parts, we can no longer make part kits, which is my primary job. but this never happened before i started working there... and they started to realize that we are pushing out way more product now than ever before. so in that sense, it's a good thing that we're running out of product... because it means we are making more product faster than ever before. so being as i can't be doing what i usually do (due to lack of parts), i am moving up in the world. taking over new jobs and responsibilities. two new guys are starting this week and i was told that i will be helping to train them in, and was also told that now i am second in command in my area. so whenever 1st in command is gone, i am in charge.

stan is 1st in command in my department. he's a bit creepy and weird, but overall i guess he's a good guy. he's always tells me how amazed he is how quick i pick things up. i don't think that's something i could have learned, i just pick things up quickly, which has helped out a lot in this job. he's also very impressed at how much i love learning how to do new things and i do it willingly. now, honestly, one of the reasons i love learning new things is because i don't exactly enjoy making part kits. but he said that most people are a drag to teach new things... but he enjoys teaching me because i enjoy it and learn quick. he's said multiple times that he's concerned that they won't need him around anymore because i am learning everything he even knows how to do... he's never really serious, about the concerned part, but nontheless, it's nice to hear.

i feel like i'm gloating a lot in this post. but none of it is meant to be boastful. more of, i'm just joyful that the job is working out so well. and that i love it. and that my hard work is paying off.

also, i love being one of the only women working there... there is only one other woman. she is actually bisexual. i think she is the first openly bisexual person i have been friends with. she is pretty tight. i'm glad i know her, because i think even though i try extremely hard not to stereotype people, it's hard not to at least a little bit unless you know someone like that. because they really are just normal people. anyways... i love working with all guys. being one of the only girls, the guys treat you different. in a good way. i definately got closer to everyone a lot quicker because i am a woman. i realized this when a new guy started working and it was a lot different with him. eveyone jokes around with me a lot more, and everyone is always looking out for me. i think in the past i would not have liked that... i would have wanted them to see me as tough and that i can handle things on my own... but i enjoy that they look out for me. makes me feel special. makes me feel more like a woman, which is nice... being as i have had the 'tomboy' mentality growing up.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

honky tonk budonky donk

So I think it was Tuesday night that after work we all went out to Rollies... I'm not sure how else to describe it but a honky tonk bar. It's like one that's straight out of the heart of cowboy country Texas... with the mechanical bull to ride and the huge dance floor, country music blaring, and as many peanuts you could ever hope or dream for and you can throw the all on the floor (which by the way polishes the floor, if you didn't know). Anyways, it was a good time, it was Casey's birthday, one of the guys who I work with, so we celebrated that. I also learned some new dance moves, which I'm sure my dad would be proud of. Learned the 1/2 step, which I was not good at, and also the 2 step and 3 step. 3 step was by far the easiest for me to get down, but the 2 wasn't bad I guess...

I like it there. The owner is always there and if you've been there before, he'll know you... it's a really fun atmosphere. This cowboy hick country thing will probably end up growing on me, cuz that's who I work with. Everyone is pretty much a hick and loves to fish and hunt and listen to country music. At night the country music is blared from every work station... sometimes I even think it's loud, which is definately saying something.

Also, over 75% of the guys I work with are veterans... most of whom have done at least one tour in Iraq. And around 50% of them were discharged due to they were shot or got blown up in a car bomb in Iraq... I think it's a privilage to work beside them, I hold veterans in the highest respect. One thing no one really knows about me is that being in the military was my dream growing up. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go into the militar and go fight in a war, on the front lines, where the action is... I never really told anyone that though, I don't even think my parents, because I knew that in order to go to war I'd have to go through basic training which I wouldn't be able to do with my lack of being able to breathe. They probably wouldn't have accepted me anyways because of the breathing thing... I think that's one of the reasons why I hold them in such high respect... I wish I could be there. I think I still would go over there if I had the capability to.

Anyways, as each day goes on, I enjoy working at DPMS more and more.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"I work at DPMS Panther Arms, I make guns" (long pause) "Are you a terrorist?"

So being as I've had a new job for over a week now, I figured I can write about it. Probably the coolest thing about the job is I get to say, "I work at Panther Arms... I make guns." Now these aren't just any old guns we make, we make assult rifles. There are primarily two main things we do in the factory: 1. Make rifles and 2. Package pistol kits. Apparently a lot of guys think its cool to make their own gun, so we make different kits that you can buy to put the gun together yourself.

I work in the parts section. One thing we do is put those part kits together - that's probably the majority of what we do, we are able to make around 700 per day if we have all the parts to make them. We also are the ones who have all the parts and keep everything organized and such, so when build up (the section that physically makes the whole rifles we sell) needs their parts, they come to us. Then there is also shipping and receiving, and their job is self explanitory. So there are three main sections to the warehouse.

It's an extremely monotanous job, but isn't that bad. I learned how to do the job in the first 10 minutes of working there, however it does change up a little bit sometimes. So that aspect of the job kind of sucks that I am doing the exact same thing, two different processes, one that takes about 45 seconds, and the other about a minute... But I can listen to my ipod, so that makes it more bareable.

I work the 1-10pm shift, which I am starting to like. At first I hated it because it takes over your whole day, so you don't really get a morning or night, and that still sucks, but I enjoy who I work with. And my shift is broken up a bit, too which is nice. When I come in, it's crazy hectic, as there are three shifts worth of people there (7-330 and 9-5). So at 330, most of the people who work around parts leave, because the other parts shift overlaps with ours. So it's nice when it dies down and there are fewer people. Then at 5 is when the party starts... all the management leaves at 5, so after that it's a much more relaxed environment. They leave and a flip switches, it's great.

It's an extremely fun environment to work in. I work with all guys except one other girl, and they know how to have fun. They are sarcastic, they know how to prank, and have a good time. Also, everyone listens to music. Most people have an ipod at least some of the time, specially for the first part of the shift, but then there are always radios on too. Every station has their own radio, usually to all different stations, and let me tell you, everyone sings! These are not the people who would make it on American Idol, either. It's great... the music is constantly blaring and everyone is singing.

So, I guess the first week or so has gone well. The guys invited me out last night after work and officially initiated me into their group, persay. It was a great time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

strange & beautiful: random adventures

So this weekend I went home to hang out with Matt. On Saturday we did normal hang-out things like sat around and talked, played some ultimate frisbee (where i learned for ceratin that the meds from mayo are doing nothing to benefit my well-being), ate at his favorite acapulco, and then were on our way to red-box where we were going to rent a movie. It's at this time that Matt says something to the effect of, "I wonder how late the bar olympics goes" Now, Hannah was going to come home with me and hang out with us, but stayed in Upsala to hang out with her sis who was in town... and the bar olympics just so happened to be going on as well. Matt then mentions that Hannah had said something to the effect that cuz she couldn't come home with me, that we should go to her... As we were sitting in the car outside the red-box place, we had a short discussion that ended in us driving up to Upsala. At this point in the night it was about 9pm. The pursuasion was the fact that Matt said I always go on adventures with other people, but never him. So Saturday night, we went on an adventure.

On the way up, we went 94, on the way home we went 10. I've always wondered which one is faster. 94 is longer milage-wise, but faster speed. They were definately the EXACT same time. Both within 5 minutes of each other, 1.5 hours. Both ways. Exactly. It amazed me.

So we got up there around 11 only to find no Hannah. The whole, lets just surprise her, didn't work out so well, ha. So we head on over to the Ripplingers, obviously, the only logical thing to do... Krystal and Shawn were watching a movie -- well, they tried to, but we stopped that for quite some time. So we hung out there for awhile until we found Hannah. So we let them finish their movie and we went to get Hannah. First we went to the bar, which wasn't too hoppin, cuz apparently the bar olympics happen during the day... who would have thunk? We hung out there for a couple hours just having a good time... had some pretty good concoctions, I must say. Most of the shots I'd never had before, and were pretty... well, fruity. But overall pretty good, and free, which is always a bonus.

The next stop was back to her house where we filled the kitchen and ourselves with some glittery stuff that was supposed to be for her mom for mothers day I think... but we had fun getting everyone full of it. I'm not sure what else we did. Just sat around and hung out. Laughed a lot. Tickled Matt. He's way ticklish... Hannah liked that trick I showed her, ha. Overall, just had a great time. Haven't laughed that hard in awhile... there's nothing like spending a night with two of your best friends.

Then we drove home, ha. That was fun... at 4 in the morning. Matt talked the whole way there... then on the way home... nothing. What a jerk, ha. He doesn't talk when he's tired. This was a bad thing. On top of being tired, I'm not sure what was up with my brain, but it was making me hallucinate real bad. First, we almost drove into a house, that was in the middle of the road, but it was okay, because we were just driving through the front door... then there was a toad that was ginormous, and we almost drove up on its face, but it disappeared before we got to it. There were some pillars in the middle of the road, too. A few other things as well... like a large farm tractor of some kind that was driving across the road right in front of us... that was the one that looked the most real... I had my foot on the brake ready to slam on the brakes hard when Matt asked why I was braking... cuz apparently, there was no tractor. So even though he was tired, He was still alert enough to let me know my hallucinagens were just that, and not real. But, it's not like I was falling asleep... I was alert... it was weird.

All that being said, we had one amazing night. It makes me smile thinking about it.