Thursday, May 21, 2009

honky tonk budonky donk

So I think it was Tuesday night that after work we all went out to Rollies... I'm not sure how else to describe it but a honky tonk bar. It's like one that's straight out of the heart of cowboy country Texas... with the mechanical bull to ride and the huge dance floor, country music blaring, and as many peanuts you could ever hope or dream for and you can throw the all on the floor (which by the way polishes the floor, if you didn't know). Anyways, it was a good time, it was Casey's birthday, one of the guys who I work with, so we celebrated that. I also learned some new dance moves, which I'm sure my dad would be proud of. Learned the 1/2 step, which I was not good at, and also the 2 step and 3 step. 3 step was by far the easiest for me to get down, but the 2 wasn't bad I guess...

I like it there. The owner is always there and if you've been there before, he'll know you... it's a really fun atmosphere. This cowboy hick country thing will probably end up growing on me, cuz that's who I work with. Everyone is pretty much a hick and loves to fish and hunt and listen to country music. At night the country music is blared from every work station... sometimes I even think it's loud, which is definately saying something.

Also, over 75% of the guys I work with are veterans... most of whom have done at least one tour in Iraq. And around 50% of them were discharged due to they were shot or got blown up in a car bomb in Iraq... I think it's a privilage to work beside them, I hold veterans in the highest respect. One thing no one really knows about me is that being in the military was my dream growing up. For as long as I can remember I've wanted to go into the militar and go fight in a war, on the front lines, where the action is... I never really told anyone that though, I don't even think my parents, because I knew that in order to go to war I'd have to go through basic training which I wouldn't be able to do with my lack of being able to breathe. They probably wouldn't have accepted me anyways because of the breathing thing... I think that's one of the reasons why I hold them in such high respect... I wish I could be there. I think I still would go over there if I had the capability to.

Anyways, as each day goes on, I enjoy working at DPMS more and more.

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Emily Grace said...

If this was on facebook, I would hit the "like" button. :) So glad you are enjoying work more and more!

P.S. I miss you.