Friday, May 08, 2009

a movie review, of sorts

The Butterfly Effect

When the movie first came out, Heath saw it. I didn't. He said the movie was dumb and I shouldn't see it. Now, he's both a hard movie critic and an older brother, so I'm not sure if he told me it was dumb because he really didn't like it, or because it had "adult" content in it that he thought I shouldn't be watching. Probably both, it wasn't a movie that he would like. Either way, I didn't end up seeing it until tonight.
I'm actually not here to review the movie, that's why the 'of sorts' was tagged on to the title. I usually like Ashton Kutcher as an actor, so it helped that he was in it... specially because him and my cousin are pretty much home boys.
Anyways, if I took one thing away from the movie, it was that what we say and what we do have significance on the rest of our lives. We, unlike in the movie, will probably not ever realize the impact that certain situations and decisions have on the rest of our lives. But the fact is, every choice that is made, every word that is spoke, every action that is committed, has the opportunity to change both our and those around us's future -- for the good, or for the bad.
I guess with that in perspective, I might be a little bit more careful about what I say and do. I'd like to think that I already try to be conscienous of my words and actions, but the movie just made me more aware, at least for tonight.

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