Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"I work at DPMS Panther Arms, I make guns" (long pause) "Are you a terrorist?"

So being as I've had a new job for over a week now, I figured I can write about it. Probably the coolest thing about the job is I get to say, "I work at Panther Arms... I make guns." Now these aren't just any old guns we make, we make assult rifles. There are primarily two main things we do in the factory: 1. Make rifles and 2. Package pistol kits. Apparently a lot of guys think its cool to make their own gun, so we make different kits that you can buy to put the gun together yourself.

I work in the parts section. One thing we do is put those part kits together - that's probably the majority of what we do, we are able to make around 700 per day if we have all the parts to make them. We also are the ones who have all the parts and keep everything organized and such, so when build up (the section that physically makes the whole rifles we sell) needs their parts, they come to us. Then there is also shipping and receiving, and their job is self explanitory. So there are three main sections to the warehouse.

It's an extremely monotanous job, but isn't that bad. I learned how to do the job in the first 10 minutes of working there, however it does change up a little bit sometimes. So that aspect of the job kind of sucks that I am doing the exact same thing, two different processes, one that takes about 45 seconds, and the other about a minute... But I can listen to my ipod, so that makes it more bareable.

I work the 1-10pm shift, which I am starting to like. At first I hated it because it takes over your whole day, so you don't really get a morning or night, and that still sucks, but I enjoy who I work with. And my shift is broken up a bit, too which is nice. When I come in, it's crazy hectic, as there are three shifts worth of people there (7-330 and 9-5). So at 330, most of the people who work around parts leave, because the other parts shift overlaps with ours. So it's nice when it dies down and there are fewer people. Then at 5 is when the party starts... all the management leaves at 5, so after that it's a much more relaxed environment. They leave and a flip switches, it's great.

It's an extremely fun environment to work in. I work with all guys except one other girl, and they know how to have fun. They are sarcastic, they know how to prank, and have a good time. Also, everyone listens to music. Most people have an ipod at least some of the time, specially for the first part of the shift, but then there are always radios on too. Every station has their own radio, usually to all different stations, and let me tell you, everyone sings! These are not the people who would make it on American Idol, either. It's great... the music is constantly blaring and everyone is singing.

So, I guess the first week or so has gone well. The guys invited me out last night after work and officially initiated me into their group, persay. It was a great time.

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