Friday, September 05, 2008

Lice: and the presence thereof

So tonight was not what was expected. I was planning on hanging out with Haley then going to CRU.
I was pretty excited, as I didn't have AT today and could just do whatever I wanted.
On my way to Haley's, I got a call saying I wasn't allowed to come into their house due to the fact that people I live with had lice.
I guess this makes sense, as I found out around fifty, yes 50, of my friends already had it.
It's just gross if you ask me.
Lice is supposed to be for third graders and that's it.
Not adults.
That's just embarrassing.
So I go back to my apartment and we get a major cleaning session on... as all of us are believed at this point to have it.
Oh man did we deep clean if I have ever experienced a deep clean!
We rented a Rug-Doctor thing to completely clean all of the couches/chairs/etc, along with all the carpet and beds.
We high-heat washed all of our clothes and bagged everything else that wasn't washed.
That stuff will stay in air-tight bags for around one week.
Then it was time to clean ourselves.
All of us had purchased the all-too-expensive lice-be-gone type kits and put them into action.
The process was very similar to dying ones hair.
You need to put it in and let it soak in for awhile and then scrub real hard.
Then came the testing stage... go through everyones hair strand by strand to make sure you got it all.
DONE! We nailed it.
All of us are lice free.
And we plan on staying that way.
Thankfully while we were deep cleaning out apartment Heather's mom graciously came and took all of our clothes and bedding to a laudrymat.
That made things go quicker, as it already took around 5 or 6 hours to deep clean everything.
And then we came to Heather's parent's house, as they conveniently live in Rice to sleep for the night. Being as all our beds are wet from the cleaning and we wanted to leave for awhile as some of the lice-be-gone stuff has stuff that most people are highly allergic to.
So they were also gracious enough to put us up for the night.
All this because we think we all had lice.
We just wanted to be cautious.
You know... we weren't planning on being the people who two weeks later finds out that we had it all along and now it's way bad.
Now we just hope that all of our friends took as many precautions as we did. Because if they give it to us again...
Man, oh man.
I thought I was upset this time...
I was only upset at the beginning, really.
Now I realized that it was a great roommate bonding time.
But sleep is essential.
The evening was very long.

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