Saturday, April 11, 2009

and summer begins...

Bonfires on starry nights are quite possibly my favorite places to be... without a doubt in my mind. Tonight I attended my first bonfire of the season, and it was good.

The night started at a real-live honky-tonk bar. The kind with the bull to ride, the dance floor to swing dance on, and the old country music blaring loudly. It was a good time. It was definitely either a very redneck, or a very southern place to be... and being as we live in Minnesota, I'm going to go with redneck. An observation I had was that as the night went on and people had more alcohol in their system... they were better at staying on the bull, but this goes against all physiology i feel like.... but nonetheless, i still think it was true. It was a good time. Quite the experience.

Afterwhich, we went to a bonfire at a friend's house. We were all just sitting around, having a good time, when someone puts a glass bottle in the fire [cap on, mind you]. At this point it's getting late, and I'm pretty tired... I'm leaned forward in my chair, just staring at the fire... specifically the bottle in the fire, thinking to myself, "hhmmm... the cap is on that... it will probably explode..." But naturally, I don't say anything because I like fire and think it would be pretty cool if it did explode, not thinking the explosion would be too big if it did happen anyways. Sure enough BOOM -- it was so incredibly loud... glass flew everywhere... there was no reminence of the bottle anywhere, it was shattered to pieces... the glass flew in every direction and quite far, actually. Somehow, however, none of it touched me, and I was sitting right in front of it. Once the immediate panic died down, and the utter shock and amazement of what just happened had passed, someone took out a flashlight to look at all of the glass everywhere. It was at this point that we realized that one of my friends was covered in blood... the glass had apparently not missed him, but actually attacked him. He was sitting right next to me... so how he got it all, I'm not sure... but it was quite funny due to the fact that he felt nothing. I'm not saying he was completely sober, and thus is probably why he bled so much, but still. It was pretty funny that he had no clue that he had been cut open in numerous locations and had blood everwhere by the time he realized it.

And thus... summer begins. Bonfires begin. Starry nights begin. Memories begin.

...let the fun begin.*

[*disclaimer: i'm not saying there is no fun in the winter, but i'm saying something close to it. summer fun comes no where near winter fun. i realize it's a completely different kind of fun, but i think it's still a funner fun... a summer kind of fun.]

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