Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mid-Day Hoopla

So I just have athletic training for four hours a day this week, because it's spring break... So what on earth is there to do in college town when every college kid is out of the town? Buy a pizza and watch movies... so that's what i did... and it was joyous. I watched two movies, and have two reviews:

Into the Wild: The soundtrack was much like that of Garden State, so right away I enjoyed the music, and there was a lot of it, so the movie had that going for it. I thought the movie was put together well and it wasn't boring, although it potentially had that effect being as it just followed a guy being a hippie/nomad. Going into this movie I had no idea that it was based on a true story... and had I, I probably wouldn't have watched it. Because when its a true story, that means it probably won't have a happy ending, call me a critic, but most times real live stories don't have the fairy-tale endings. I enjoyed the movie, I really did... all the way up until the last five minutes.... when the man died. It was so close (in my mind) to being a heart-warming, feel-good ending, and then it didn't. I almost sat in disbelief... thinking "i can't believe i just wasted my life watching that movie" ...all the while five minutes prior i would have recommended the movie to all. Not anymore -- no siree.

Gone Baby, Gone: I came into this movie not knowing much about it... except that it wasn't based on a true story-- i checked. Now, on the back cover where it describes the movie, it said there were many twists to the movie... never could a description been more correct. I thought the movie was over 1/2 way into it. So in this sense, I thought the movie did drag on for far too long. And although twists in movies are good for the suspense factor, I think this movie had one too many* twists to it... I didn't even catch everything there were so many twists-- and I'm pretty sure you were supposed to at least track with them. So I would recommend Man on Fire if you wanted to see a movie about a kidnapping-- it is at least ten times better than this movie. Although, I did like Casey Affleck-- who, I can only assume is Ben Afflecks brother. I'm not really into the whole celebrety thing, but I thought he was a very talented actor.

*i say one too many as a figure of speech, because i think it had way too many

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