Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the joy of learning

--things i have learned this week--

1. i never want to live in rochester
2. the fazoli's in rochester didn't close when all the other ones in MN did -- and they still give out unlimited free delicious breadsticks
3. eva joy brandes is a very hospitable person [i was already aware of this, but found out first hand... thanks eva, for everything]
4. professors are very lenient and empathetic when you have to skip a week of school to go to the doctor versus going on vacation
5. if you don't tell anyone that you're leaving town for the week -- they will call and wonder what happened to you
6. no matter where you go you will always find doctors whom you cannot stand
7. i learned what it's like to literally have nothing to do -- it's been a LONG time since this has happened... and i also learned that i can take a 3 hour nap every day if i have the chance
8. if you go to a theater completely wasted, sit in the back row, and yell things out all the time, the police will come and drag you out, no matter how hard you resist
9. it's a lot harder to do hw when you're not in the school setting
10. amish stores will always remind me of julie patricia stoner
11. eva brings her accordian to birthday parties all the time, not just at camp
12. i am still the champ at freecell... and i definately had time to win enough games to proof it.


Eva Joy said...

1) Oh, come on. It's not that bad. I mean, it isn't the greatest place to visit for 5 days, but when you actually live here, there IS stuff to do. I promise.
2) I have yet to experience this for myself.
3) You're welcome. I still feel bad that my schedule did not allow me to entertain OR feed you AT ALL, but I am glad it worked for you guys to stay here.
4) I like professors like that. You know, the ones who understand life outside of their classroom.
5) That's a good sign.
6) Amen!
7) Boo. Sorry it's boring here. Also, I DESPERATELY miss that feeling!
8) You went to a theater completely wasted? : )
9) Try being in Hawaii....
10) ME TOO!!!!
11) Ha! It's true. Two of the guys at the party didn't know I played. You should have seen their faces! I think that is my favorite part....watching the look of surprise/excitement/confusion/delight/horror on the faces of people hearing it for the first time......
12) Bring it*.

*Just kidding. I don't play freecell. But if I did, this is what I would have said. Also, I couldn't think of anything else to say.

ashpad said...

oh eva... you make me smile