Wednesday, February 11, 2009

spring or winter?

i have not decided if its spring yet... or if it in fact is still winter.
because the past couple weeks, it's definately been spring weather.
and the past couple days its been rainy.
rain means spring.
it does not rain in the middle of winter.
but, correction: it just did.
so i'm getting used to going outside without a coat on, and not warming up the car...
what'll get me is when the temperature drops again.
i won't be prepared for it.
because my body has already told me that its now warm outside.
i want more snow for boarding...
but i'm okay if it stays warm like this for the remainder of the winter.
though i do not think it'll happen.
i think we'll get a lot more snow in march like we usually do.
and i think the temperature will drop to be around zero degrees for awhile again before it warms up for spring and summer time.
that is my prediction.
though it has been very nice that the roads are clear.
very nice.

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