Friday, March 27, 2009

true beauty

FACT: i am a pyro. i love fire. i love watching things burn.

so tonight I witnessed something truly beautiful.... physics in action.

when you [or anyone, really] is pouring gas from a gas can onto a fire, the fire will travel up the flowing stream of gas and explode the gas can, engulfing it in flames.

at this point, you [or anyone] would no longer have the desire to be holding said can of gasoline.

at which point, you [or anyone in their right mind] would throw the flaming can away from your body [after running around with it for a little bit, of course, out of sheer panic].

now, only if you're really lucky, would this flaming gas can happen to land in a field of brush... of very dead and dried out grass and pine branches...

i'm guessing you can only assume that all of said brush also would immediately light on fire.

and i am here to tell you -- that is exactly what happened. and it was beautiful.

i am also here to tell you, to have no fear, for most of it was caught on tape

NOTE 1: we were able to eventually get the fire to stop, and we did not in turn burn down the woods, which we happen to be right next to... but it takes a LONG time to put out a fire that consists of gallons of gasoline on dead grass... it just keeps going and going. and when you try to put it out, you will in turn catch on fire [at least this is the probable occurence].

NOTE 2: when playing with fire, have water near by, because if something like this happens, it probably would be nice to have some water on hand... luckily [since we were not so smart], we live in MN and there is still snow on the ground which is kind of like water, and also works to put out fire...

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