Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Art of Eating Watermelon: An Inside Look

A couple weeks ago out at camp it was brought to my attention that people would be consuming 1/2 a watermelon in a contest format. I thought to myself, "NBD, that sounds easy." Come the night of the contest, the format had changed a bit -- it was no longer 1/2 a watermelon that each person had to consume, but now it was the entire watermelon. Being as I know many random facts, I knew that watermelon was 98% water. This was an encouragement to me. I thought that meant it would be easy.

Here's the thing I didn't take into consideration: water is very filling, and is capable of making one feel bloated very quickly. The pain. The physical pain. It was so intense. My stomach has never screamed at me as it did that night.

Thoughts on 1st half of the watermelon: "This is no big deal, it should be easy"
Thoughts on 2nd half of the watermelon: "Please, anything but this"

First Place: Guy - 21 minutes 45 seconds.
Second Place: Steve - 36 minutes 36 seconds
Third Place: Josh - 41 minutes 07 seconds
Fourth Place: Ashley - 61 minutes 24 seconds
Fifth Place: Cassie - Threw up at 42 minutes 53 seconds, finished 51 minutes 48 seconds

One thing that I think needs to be added is how watermelon, when consumed at that quantity, clears out a system. Almost instantaneously after I was finished eating it, I was in the bathroom and it was all coming out... and it kept coming for quite some time. But I think that's all I have to say about that.

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