Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good Tidings Mr. Wentworth

So today I'm watching Prison Break season tres... the whole thing, hah. Now, it's no secret that I find Michael Scofield rather attractive. And I was going to set my status on facebook to something like "Ashley has a wicked crush on Michael Scofield" or "Ashley will undoubtably marry Michael Scofield someday" You know... something to that effect.

This was going to take place until I realized something... The difference between girls and guys. In my opinion, it is "socially acceptable" for girls to say "I have a crush on so and so" or "Isn't so and so hot?" But if a guy says something of the sort, the girls just think he's shallow. Because guys are just visually stimulated, right? That's why we think that... but what else are girls stimulated by when we say we're crushing on some famous person? Is it not just their looks? Lets be seroius, Michael Scofield seems like a good guy, but it's not like we've hung out a whole lot, ya know.

So with this all in mind, my status never said anything of the sort. Because if I saw a guys' status say something of the sort, I would probably lose a little respect... maybe just for a day or two, but nonetheless... So if it's not okay for a guy, why should it be okay for a girl?

So I decided to change that part of my life and not speak of guys in that way. Because let's be serious, God made some pretty attractive ones, but lets not idolize, not matter how small the idolization is.

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