Sunday, October 26, 2008

a glimpse.

1) I always have, and am sure that sports always will, make me smile. I love athletics. I love everything to do with sports (except maybe a few ref's here and there, but they are needed, nonetheless)
2) I guess when you're in this profession, your name is officially changed to "trainer". And of course, it's usually always yelled.
3) In my opinion, there is no better job... I just sit and watch sports all day. With music in one ear, and the other used to listen for my name to be yelled... "TRAINER!!" It's pure bliss. Oh, and I get paid for this? You've got to be kidding me. My life rocks.
4) I think I prefer watching girls basketball over guys. That's definately not the case for all sports, but I think so with bball.

I think I've always felt a sort of intimidation to some level at least... of second guessing myself because there is always someone smarter than me where ever I may be. I was so with AT stuff too at tourney's and whatnot until I realized one thing... I am the smart one here... I know what's up and everyone else doesn't. That brings a lot of confidence which never hurts.

5) One girl asked me if I had any tape and sissy wrap... I thought that was funny.
6) I like when people come up to me and ask if I have any ice... "No, sorry, I'm just sitting next to a huge ice chest, but it's EMPTY!" dumb.

Everyone kept asking me if I was bored watching basketball all day... or if I was falling asleep... umm... NOPE. I was listening to music and watching basketball... what more could I have asked for?

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