Friday, October 31, 2008

Sports Science on FSN

The other day a friend from school recommended the show "Sports Science" on FSN. It sounded like an interesting show, so naturally I looked it up. But what I didn't realize was going to happen was being hooked so quickly. Each segment is only like 10 minutes long, so there are tons of them on youtube. The show is all about proving things in athletics. They have top of the line equiptment to figure out hang time in basketball, if its harder to hit a softball or baseball, how much distance a wide receiver can cover (when looking at this one, it's hard to imagine the quarterback doesn't always get the ball to them), which sport has the highest jumpers... and there are oh, so many more.

After I was done watching about an hours worth of the episodes I go to tell my roommate about the show due to my excitement about it. Through my excitement I started explaining it all to her in depth, then pausing to realize that she doesn't really care about sports, at least not nearly as much as I do. She said that the show did not sound interesting to her at all, but she loved how much I was excited about it.

This was when I realized that we are all incredibly nerdy about what we love. Heath is nerdy about computers. If ever he comes up with some new incredible program he invented, he must share about it... many times I don't know what he's talking about, but I love how excited he gets about it. It's what he's passionate about. My roommates always get excited about poems and writing and stuff (they are all english majors), and although I don't share their same interest for the classics and writing styles, I can appreciate how much it means to them. My dad loves wood... or maybe it's more the art of making things with wood. When he gets off on a tangent, there is no stopping him... he is nerdy about wood. It's what he's passionate about. And although we all have different things we are passionate about, I think we enjoy hearing about other peoples passions, even though they seem really nerdy to us sometimes... it's what brings them joy, and that, if nothing else, makes us smile.

Those are my unconventional thoughts of the week...

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