Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my Unconventional thoughts on VB of the college Nature

I was with VB this season for AT.

Coming into the season I was disappointed, thinking I would not enjoy it. After all, they are a bunch of girls playing a sport I've never really understood, and on top of that, they might just be the worst team at SCSU. Who wants to follow a losing team? Not me, that is for sure. I have always come from teams who make it to state every year and who crush our competition, not get crushed. That's just not how I role.

But now, as the season comes to a close, I look back and realize that it was a pretty amazing season. I guess you don't have to win to have fun... but then again, it does make it easier that I'm technically not the one losing. So, yup. The girls on the team are amazing, and it's no doubt that they made the season wonderful. They are hilarious. They always give us plenty of laughter at practices to keep them enjoyable... and plenty to talk about as well.

Things I learned:
1. if the serve went over the net, say, "good serve"
2. even the best digger in the conference still screws up a lot
3. if the coach sucks, over half the team will quit
4. tearing an acl sucks no matter what sport or how good the team is
5. what a libero is
6. that in college vb they still follow the normal 6 person rotation, it just looks totally different
7. in college there is still that one mom that drives to every game
8. the AT always covers for the athletes to the coach
9. in canada, they call antacids "gravel"
10. they say a lot of funny things in canada... for one, "i went skipping today for a half hour" while we were all picturing her skipping down the street instead of running, and questioning WHY?, she really meant she jumped rope for a half hour.

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