Monday, November 24, 2008

"unless you are an expert..."

Studying for a test, I came across the line in a book while discussing how to treat snakebites...

"Unless you are an expert in capturing snakes, do not try to catch it."

That got me thinking. How do you know if you're an expert in catching snakes? One might even work for animal control, and still not be an expert. When is one qualified as an expert in something? Is it once they've had extensive training in something, such as gotten their masters in a particular subject?

Could not someone assume if they used to catch snakes as a child, that they are now an expert? They may feel that this book is giving them full permission to attempt to capture a very large poisonous animal.

Just some thoughts that came to mind... and I thought I'd jot them down... mostly to postpone studying.

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