Sunday, January 25, 2009

my car, the weatherman

It was the fall of my junior year of high school when I was blessed with the most weird looking car that ever did exist. One night while talking online to my friends Charles Eiden and Nathan Strom I asked them each for a name, one gave me the name "Harvey" the other "Winslow" -- thus Harvey Winslow became the name of my tiny car.

I live in Minnesota... always have. It gets cold here. Lately, it has gotten extremely cold... I haven't thought it's been that bad, if we're being serious. But apparently we've hit a few record lows. All this to say, I wouldn't know it's cold outside if I didn't watch the forcast [which rarely happens]. I realize that for the past few weeks it's been below zero, but beyond that I wouldn't know-- it all feels the same to me.

Now, "How do these two things relate?" you may ask. Let me tell you... my car lets me know if it's cold out or not.

If it's -5 or above: you don't have to let it warm up... it won't even make that high-pitched noise when you turn it on... it's a good little car like that... minnesotan, no doubt.
If it's -10 or below: the automatic locks no longer work [they try -- it sounds like they are unlocking, but are most definately not].
If it's -20 or below: if you don't let it warm up, take into consideration that the brakes are frozen and won't work [you can push all you want, but they aren't budging] for awhile, so be sure to let it warm up.
If it's -35 or below: don't drive. the little car still turns on and will run [it's very good like that - most people's cars won't start. mine... always starts.] but even though it will still run, there is no need to be outside in that weather.

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Toni said...

most people will tell you tuck and hide in a warm corner. They even cancel school when it is that cold. But not college.
no... not college.