Sunday, January 04, 2009

I think they call it "break"

Most people call this time around Christmas a "break", but for me it is never really feels that way. It was good to get to go home for like five days, but it also would have been nice if it had been a bit longer. But then the day after Christmas I was right back to school... not that I don't enjoy it, but come on, you can't beat no school.

Eight things that happened over my "break":

1. The day of my last final I drove home and then proceeded over to my brothers house... where we played new-school [as opposed to old-school] sonic the hedgehog. It is way different then it used to be. I like the old-school one so much more. He also showed me his under-water computer, which took me a long time to actually believe. But then Hannah came home and she brought me to Overflow, which was cool, being as I'd never been there before. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my siblings over break. I wish we got more time together. I miss them a lot.
2. Several times while I was home I went to what they call "trivia" with the boys [and sometimes Emily]. Although I've spent many summers with Rich and Taco, I still feel like I don't really know them... and yet those few nights we got to spend together were really nice to see them in a different context, I guess. They are a couple of amazing guys. And of course Matt was there too... and it always makes my day to be around him... always.
3. Christmas: was amazing. Very possibly the best Christmas I've ever experienced. My family does this thing called Minneapolis Miracle down in the cities... and this year, it was just better than before. It was incredibly fun, and I loved it. I think it's the best way possible to spend Christmas day... serving people... serving people in need. Not that I hadn't enjoyed it before, but I don't know... it was just amazing.
4. I know Christmas isn't about what you get, but this year, I felt more blessed then before. That might just be part of my selfishness coming out, but seriously... I felt truly blest. Maybe it's because this year I did not feel worthy of any gifts, or becuase I know my parents aren't as financially able as they have been in the past... but I was truly overwhelmed with what was given to me, regarless.
5. Then it was back up to school I go. Hockey started, and thus, I started. It has been really fun though, the girls are great, and I completely enjoy the trainers that I work with as well. And it's probably good that we have morning practices, so it keeps me on a semi-regular schedule as well.
6. One Sunday a few of my friends and I went snowboarding... I ended the night with broken bindings, and in the ER. Those two things were not related. In short: I broke my bindings, and Ryan broke his face. Basically, he went off a jump, and instead of landing with his board, he landed with his face, and because it was especially icy that day, consequently tore some of his face off. Thankfully, after only four hours of sitting in the ER, they decided that Ryan would live, and he has been doing quite well ever since. Although we all only got about 5 runs in at the slopes before we had to leave rather quickly, the night didn't turn out so bad. The ER visit was actually quite entertaining. I had the privilege of waiting in the [kids] waiting room with two of the funniest guys I know... and finally saw the movie Peter Pan for the first time ever. Also, I was able to get my bindings fixed free of charge, due to the fact it was a manufacturing mistake, which was a sweet deal.
7. New Years Eve: It was the first year in like seven years that I was not in Upsala for new years eve. Not gonna lie, going into the night, I was unsure at how it would go... I didn't really know how to spend a new years eve not at the all-nighter in upsala. But it turned into a very amazing night. My youth group had a party, in which I of course attended, and had a blast. My girls are entirely amazing, and I love getting to know them more on a friend basis. I loved it. So much fun.
8. New Years Day after practice [yes we had early morning practice -- that was enjoyable] when I realized that I had almost 24 hours off from school, as I didn't have to go in until the evening the following day, I packed up and headed to Upsala to hang out with one of my favorite people in the world... if I'm allowed to say that... I had a blast, like usual... we didn't do much, but we always have fun just sitting there talking, so I'm cool with that... it's actually comical to me how much of nothing we do together and we both enjoy it entirely. I just like hanging out with her, I guess, no matter what we do. Then we finally decided what we wanted to do at like 11pm, which was going on a road trip, hah. That was exciting. And consequently made for another late night. I love Hannah.

So that is my "break" in a nutshell. I actually just found out yesturday that classes don't start again until next week. So I get another week "off" which is nice. Although I still have school every day, hockey is so much better than classes. Hands down.

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