Monday, January 05, 2009

new years resolutions

I loath new years resolutions... with everything that's in me.
I realize that many people do not share my thoughts on the issue, and I am completely fine with that. I'm fine with other people having new years resolutions, but they are not for me.
I realized yesturday that last year I actually made a new years resolution, and to my great surprise, I actually made it the entire year and followed it! Blew my mind when I realized this.

I like buying clothes... and since I'm a bargain shopper, I never thought it was that big of a deal that i bought a lot of clothes. But when you put a lot of bargains together, they start to add up. Last year about this time I realized that and decided that I wasn't going to buy any clothes the entire year.
Now, realize that I already have plenty of clothes for all seasons, because of how much I loved to buy clothes... so this was a very realistic goal. Realistic in the sense that it was possible, but definately not plausible. I set the goal, knowing I couldn't follow it... nothing like setting yourself up for failure.
But here's the thing... I bought three articles of clothing last year. THREE. That's it! I still count that as succeeding in my goal, because come on, in all years previous I'd buy on average three things a week. Now, in my two things, I am not counting clothes for work or school, because those are neccesities that I wouldn't buy if I didn't have to, but I think that is legit.
Also, I think my three things were reasonable:
One: I camp sweatshirt. It was my 50% off item, so it was only like 10 bucks. And it'd almost be stupid not to buy something at fifty percent off.
Two: Camp sweat-pant shorts. Unneccesary, I will admit, so I'll leave it at that. BUT I do wear them a lot and love them... if that's any consolation.
Three: Jean shorts. It was towards the end of the summer, and at that point I always feel like a slob, because I've been wearing camp clothes all summer and that makes one feel gross. So I bought them to remind myself that I'm a girl and can look cute in summer clothes.

The end.

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Warren MacLeod said...

We do have a children's book on there: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Also, "BFG" is quite possibly one of my favorite books! I read it all the time growing up!!!

Thanks for the input!