Sunday, February 24, 2008


determination is what i need: i started crocheting a blanket today. However, I got farther today on this one than I did working on my last one for a month.... i like this one better anyways, so that's a good thing-- i am usuing a hook twice the size, so that should definately help.

i slept 11 hours last night -- and i needed every single one of them... and right now i'm barely keeping my eyes open, so hopefully i'll sleep lots tonight as well.

i got bread crumbs all over my carpet tonight-- but good thing we have like three vaccums in this house--those will be helpful at a time like this.

friday night i went to upsala to watch krystal and greta's last dance at the bball game... that was pretty fun. then i went over to the swansons and had a blast until the wee hours of the morning... like always. good times. i like that family... a lot.

out of all the superhero movies, i think spiderman might be my least favorite... although i've never seen the hulk. maybe i should put that on my to-do list. i think i've pretty much seen all the rest though.... i should look that up. more to come.

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starsandsnowflakes said...

i LOVE ashley paddock.

pretty much, I do.