Friday, February 15, 2008

a new start

Okay so I've only written on here spuratically over the past several years... and it used to bring me so much joy having someone to tell my thoughts from the day, even if it was the lowly internet. But hark, I shall start again...

So to start it off right... how about those Jehovahs Witnesses? Usually you'd think of them to be the ones who stop at your door and won't leave you alone, right? Well in St. Cloud we actually have some really nice Jehovahs witnesses... I've ran into them several times in the past month, on campus and around the neighborhood -- why they are out in the bitter cold is beyond me -- but each time I've ran into them it's always been a pleasent experience. They are overall nice guys who aren't looking to cram their beliefs on me. And if for nothing else, I respect them for that. So that's nice.

One more thing... this is the third week this month that I've had my period... it's getting pretty old pretty quick... and pretty expensive too!

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