Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i hate the doctor

i hate no doctor specifically, although there are a few that are on my list for the top people i do not exactly like.... i have so many doctors i have realized that its getting a little ridiculous. most people have one, maybe two doctors. I have... lets see here... nine that I can think of off the top of my head that I see on at least semi-regular occasion. And I'm on a first-name basis with three of the doctors' nurses. Meaning I call in and say "Hey it's me ashley again, call me back". man I see these doctors way too much. specially because i have to make all my appointments at seven in the morning to avoid missing classes. When really, going to the doc is a legit reason to skip a class or two, but apparently i have to deal with my conscience on top of everything.

i'm just getting sick of the doctor. all of them. in general. and those feelings are combinding with the fact that i'm caring less and less about my health -- and i'm not too sure how good that is for me.... i'm just glad that i don't have to go in twice a week anymore... because i was about to just forget it and never go anymore.... but good thing i switched doctors and now he wants me to come in every four months for him... which i can do. but he did order more tests for me that take place at 7am.... i thought for sure that i had every test in the book... oh wait, i have.... now we're just repeating tests for funzies.

oh... the joy.

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