Tuesday, February 19, 2008

late nights

Oh, how I so enjoy no sleep. It is most definately the highlight of my nights, and especially my days. Wait... no. I'm pretty sure I am severely sleep deprived at this moment in time. My schedule with school leaves no time to breathe or sleep, really. Then this past weekend I was at camp so there was no recooperating. Specially because I went right from camp to 5 hours of AT on Sunday, then came home to hours of homework. Then tonight I had to give into an energy drink so I'd be able to stay up and study for spanish... which I'm oober glad that I did. Because I know hardly any spanish, and being as I have a test tomorrow... learning spanish was a good idea... so is having a roommate who is fluent. That is nice too. Go Brooke.

Everything hurts all over. I am one big bruise. Both my knees are entirely not skin colored anymore, but rather blue purple black and green. yum. Then, for some reason my stomach is bruised as well, and more my sides too. The knees obviously were from broomball this past weekend, but I do not recall getting too many sticks to the stomach-region. So who knows. But the bruises on my stomach/sides are much more painful then my knees, because it hurts to move in any direction because its my torso... which is involved in most all motions of the body.

Good thing I didn't schedule a chiro appt for the morning -- I will not want to be getting up, that is for sure. So that means I shall go now so I can get the most hours of sleep possible.... and maybe in the morning I won't feel so crappy... but don't worry, I bought an extra energy drink so I can make it through the day tomorrow... oh how I hate energy drinks, or moreso hate the fact that I have deprived myself of so much sleep that I cannot function without them-- even though it was completely out of my control... sort of.

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