Sunday, February 17, 2008


Camp: twas sr high winter this weekend, and was an absoulte blast. once again heath and i's cabins paired up to make a wicked sweet broomball team. it was pretty fun, i'm not gonna lie. and greta, one of kari swansons little sisters was in my cabin which pretty much made my weekend.

Vacations: mom is bringing dad on my dream vacation that she won't even enjoy. i am bitter about that. quite bitter. she knew that 1. it is the vacation i have been pushing for for years but she always said no because she didn't want to do it. and 2. and i am definately ready for a vacation becausae its been like 7 years, and its been a lot shorter for everyone else in my family. so yes, i am bitter. she'll know soon enough. i'll probably tell her.

Cramps: suck.

Rendition: was an excellent movie. it wasn't an action movie, per say, because there was little to no action. but it was too action-like to be a drama. definately wasn't a comedy or pure romance. so i'm not sure which catergory to put it in. i like it all except there was about 2 minutes of closure to the movie, and i usually like movies to have more closure than that.

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